homeMany professional supplement their office work away from the office or conduct their own, business affairs from their home computer. Often, households become dependent on their computers; home models are used for schoolwork, accounting, shopping, etc. It is a relief to know that experienced professionals are nearby to help. GEEX Computer Services is more than prepared and willing to supply a number of residential computer services for you.

Basic Computer Security Services

We troubleshoot computers in your home, with the latest virus removal tools ridding all viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits on your computer. This also includes removal of unwanted programs and trial ware that can slow your computer down significantly. Repairing and testing any operating systems is no problem for our trained computer technicians. Geex uses system modifications to perform operating system critical updates making sure your system is running at an exceptional performance rate. We can also perform system updates and improve PC speed and performance, including startup and shutdown optimization, Windows updating, menu navigation improvement, quick launch and taskbar cleanup and program shortcut creation. For security we can install antivirus and antispyware software with current definitions and application updates. Basic security functions, including antiphishing and pop-up blocking activation in your web browser can also be put in place to protect your computer.

Setting Up Your Systems

We can set up your PC or Mac computer systems, including the computer plus monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, cables as well as install your software applications or your external devices. Geex can configure your new computer to access your existing Internet account and your existing e-mail account and test it to make sure your computer is functioning properly.

Backing Up Your Systems

We are more than happy to transfer your data to your new computer or other media, creating backups or connecting hard drives to your computer, Geex can also install and configure software to create a backup schedule that fits your needs.

Data Recovery

You depend on your computer for a lot of things, from storing pictures and family videos to doing your taxes or managing your home business. We know your machine holds a lot of precious and critical information. That’s where The Geex come in. Our technicians will do a basic checkup to ensure that your data actually CAN be retrieved. We do whatever it takes to find your irreplaceable data. Whether you just accidentally renamed or misplaced a document or your hard drive is suffering from a complete and utter failure, our experts can help.

Computer Consulting Service

Our computer consulting service offers you trained professionals who you can call to walk you through installing new software or help troubleshoot an error your getting when running a application or task on your system. Our technicians are qualified to perform repairs and get your system up and running where it needs to be. Contact us today so that we can help you solve your problems.

Computer Training

A Geex agent can teach you how to navigate in Mac OSX or Windows 7/8/10. We can review functionality like manipulating windows, connecting devices, common keyboard shortcuts Introduction to web browser basics and any suite software included with the OS.

Hardware Repair

Do you have a broken CPU or cracked LCD? Is a drive as loud as a lawn mower? If so, Geex repair offers the perfect solution for you, at a reasonable price. We can efficiently and professionally handle almost any computer-related repair need, whether the item is under warranty or not. (PC repair and Mac repair)

We are located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and address a 50-mile radius with our computer services covering mainly Burlington and Camden counties.